BSOP 429 Week 7 Disucssions Devry

BSOP 429 Week 7 Disucssions Devry

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BSOP 429 Week 7 Disucssions Devry

Week 7

Week 7 DQ 1 (Implementation)

Is the implementation of JIT different than the implementation of other supply chain management systems discussed in Chapter 10A of our text? What cautions should be taken when introducing a JIT system for the first time? What should be avoided?

Week 7 DQ 2 (Lab 6 Assignment)

What should the first step be in our Week 7 Lab Assignment (6 of 6 Labs)? Why? What should be the next step? what specific pitfalls should be avoided when calculating this week’s lab on CPM? what suggestions can you give your classmates to avoid these pitfalls?


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