SOC 320 Week 1 Discussions

SOC 320 Week 1 Discussions

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SOC 320 Week 1 Discussions

SOC 320 Topic 1 DQ 1

Describe at least two of the ways in which families in America have changed and are changing. For each change you describe, give your opinion as to whether this change is positive or negative (helpful or destructive) for American society and your reasons for thinking so.

Once you have posted your thoughts about this topic, read the posts of your fellow students and respond to the posts of someone with whom you disagree or differ in your opinions. Remember to be polite and civil in your responses and explain your reasons for disagreeing with them.

SOC 320 Topic 1 DQ 2

The Lauer & Lauer text describes various types of families such as families from different cultures, families with a different number of parents, American families whose members are from different ethnic groups, and families where both parents are of the same sex. Explain the differences between two or more of the various types of families. What aspects or characteristics of these families are different from your family or origin or family of orientation?

Comment on the posts of your fellow students whose descriptions and explanations are most interesting to you.

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